Tools & Resources

SOAP Bible Study Tool

SOAP is one of many ways of studying the Bible and applying what you read to your life: in every study, you choose what you will read (Scripture), mark verses that are significant and save Observations on them, then write the Application for your life and your Prayer. You can read anything you want, at any time, or we have provided a number of paced Bible studies (such as reading through the Bible in one year).

This tool is here to provide you a single place to keep your studies that’s accessible from anywhere, so that you can always come back and find something later! It’s a free service of Christ’s Church of Flagstaff, and is open to anyone. You don’t even need to provide an e-mail address, just register a username and password at

Financial Resources

If you feel like you can’t get a grasp of your finances, be sure to check out our Giving & Finances section for lots of tools, including creating a spending plan, Tools to help you eliminate debt and even information about our FREE estate planning program.

Right Now Media

CCoF is excited to announce that we have subscribed to Right Now Media – a service to allow ALL of our members free access to a huge faith-based library of videos- accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. The videos range from Bible Studies to Devotionals and even Kids’ movies.

The service has apps on most popular mobile platforms, as well as on many TV-connected media boxes such as Apple TV and Roku, allowing you to bring up any of their videos on-demand on nearly any screen you wish.

CCoF has paid the subscription for all of our members (which is how their service works), so there’s no cost to you to activate your account and start using it right away. Nothing to pay, nothing to cancel. Just free video content wherever you are.


Abundant Life Preschool

Abundant Life Preschool wants children to develop a love of learning in Christ-centered programs. As a ministry of Christ’s Church of Flagstaff, we continually strive to be a valuable extension of the families we serve.