The morning of Saturday, November 4, our team of 17 left CCoF for Winslow, to work with Lifeline Ministries and serve those living on the streets.  We had our largest group of homeless guests we’ve ever had – 19 men and women, whom we fed; washed feet; gave clean socks, backpacks, and toiletries; cut hair; sang together; and shared about the love of Christ.

Below are the reflections of one of the participants about what the trip meant to her.  If you are inspired to go on our next trip to Winslow February 10, you can register here.

What a priceless gift I was given when I was extended the opportunity to participate in CCOF’s last trip to Winslow at the first week of November.  You see I was blessed so very much by being included in this experience, but the feeling I took away that stood apart from the rest was that my volunteering that day, while a service to others within our community, was in all reality a gift for myself, as it was a way to open the door to God’s love.

For the first time in a long time I felt that I was walking with the Lord and helping to do his will instead of just learning, reflecting or talking about it.  Sitting with the homeless population of Winslow talking one-on-one reminded me of my own humanity and how important it was not to lose sight of that in this modern day and age full of distractions.  It gave my heart a lightness it had not known for some time each time I saw the face of a man or woman we were helping change from a look of hopelessness to a smile when they were reminded of how much God loved them.  It gave me a sense of closeness, friendship and community that I was lacking in my life by working together with all the other lovely people of our church’s family that volunteered alongside me that day.

Often, I would look up from my work in the kitchen, busying myself to prepare the food with love, and see the faces of the people around me working together for the same purpose just to serve, spread Gods word, to love unconditionally and would be overcome with emotion.  My heart swelled with a sense of pride and I was very conscious in those brief moments of just how privileged I was to be a part of it all.

You see being a single mom I often felt shame as I wanted so very much to live my life with purpose and each time at service I was only able to offer a single dollar as my tithe I felt I couldn’t make the difference in the world that I knew that I could and wanted to make.  My trip to Winslow showed me that there are many ways to give back and share God’s love with the community around us. Being a part of something greater than myself made me feel again that I was worthy of God’s love.  Thank you to all involved in making this experience possible.  I can’t wait to for the next opportunity to grow and share the unconditional love that is the Lord.

With Gratitude,

Amber T.