We’ve been feeling for some time that God is calling us to launch a disciple-making movement among an unreached Muslim people group.  And we’re trusting that if God gave us this vision, He’ll call those whom He wants to be a part of our team.  All we’re asking is that people pray, seek His will, listen, and respond.  Seems so easy, right?

But these kinds of prayers can have unintended consequences.  As one of the co-founders of Amor Ministries, Gayla Congdon, put it, “When Jesus disrupts your life, he takes you places you never expected to go.”  We all have our plans…..but is it God’s plan for our lives?

Have you felt God nudging you to explore being a part of our church-based team, but you’re not so sure?  In this story told by one of our missions partners, Alison wasn’t called to the field either…..so she thought.  Read her story, and ask, could this be your story?