CCoF Response to COVID-19

Christ’s Church of Flagstaff COVID announcement

March 19, 2020

Dear CCoF Family,

As you know, the situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) is literally changing daily and sometimes hourly. As we mentioned in our note last week, we are in regular contact with state and community officials regarding the situation. We wanted to keep you and your family up to date.

In a virtual meeting of our Board of Director-Elders today it was determined that CCoF would comply with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Arizona Department of Health recommendations. Currently these recommendations ask that we not assemble in groups larger than 10 for the next several weeks to help slow down and eventually stop the spread of COVID-19. So that means we will not host weekend services, Rooted groups, Life Groups, student ministry services, or any other previously scheduled CCoF activity until at least May 15, 2020 unless the CDC changes its recommendations.

We will however continue to Help One Another Follow Jesus. Instead of powerful in person worship experiences we will help one another through powerful digital experiences and interactions. Each weekend we will release a digital church service on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. We will also release each week content for our children and students geared for them to stay engaged with Jesus and following Him!

We are asking each Rooted and Life Group to continue to meet via a digital platform like Zoom or Facetime Groups, because we value life-changing relationships and I am confident those can happen online during this season. In the days to come we will provide your Rooted or Life Group facilitator access and information to what they will need to keep your group going. We also will be increasing our online content through things such as devotionals, prayer times, and question/answer sessions with our pastoral staff. Maybe now is the time to join a new Rooted group- because all of a sudden you have some extra time on your hands. Let us know and we’ll put that together—online!

Jesus said that the new commandment for his people was to Love One Another, just as he has loved us (John 13:34). The most loving thing we can do in this season is to help the most vulnerable in our population by practicing both acts of kindness, generosity, and compassion, but also by practicing social distancing. We will soon be sharing opportunities for those of us who are healthy, available, and willing to help those in our church and community who have needs. In the meantime, can I ask you to check in on your neighbors and co-workers to see if they need supplies you may have? To have a friendly conversation with those who are nearby may just brighten their day as they are also struggling with what to do next in this stressful situation. We have always, as a church, been about self-less living and this season may be our best opportunity to do so yet!

If you want to stay the most up-to-date on things CCoF download our CCoF app in the Apple app store or Google Play app store. It is also the place that you can help financially if you are in a position to do so. We know that many of our church family are experiencing financial impact by the steps taken to decrease the spread of COVID-19. This is surely the time to look to our spiritual ancestors and their example of caring for those in need—you can read all about them in Acts chapters 2-4.

Please keep an eye on our YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, as well as for all the latest info and content.

If you have a need that we may be able to help with or prayer requests please send those to and someone on our team will be in touch very quickly. My email is if I can help you or your family with anything at all. Until it is reasonable to do so our office will be closed. Someone will continue to answer your calls during our normal business hours and all of our email and social media accounts will be monitored as well.

Please continue to pray for the situation. Pray for those affected by the coronavirus. Pray for first responders and medical professionals who put themselves at risk when they provide care for all of us. And let’s ask God for his strength and peace as we deal with this unprecedented situation.

We will continue to keep you updated regularly.

All of God’s Best

Chris Reed
Senior Pastor

Christ’s Church of Flagstaff Coronavirus Prevention and Preparedness Information

March 13, 2020

As you know, we’re in a situation none of us have been in before and things are changing day by day. I’m sure in the upcoming weeks outside of government directives, some churches will decide to cancel services or go online. Both are options for CCoF. We know the uncertainty of this outbreak is creating concern in our workplaces, schools, and day-to-day activities. Please join us in praying for those who are affected by this illness.

Here are three ways to get the latest updates if we were to make any changes with weekend services or weekday church programs:

  1. The easiest and quickest way to stay up-to-date with us is by downloading our CCoF app in the Apple app store or Google Play app store.
  2. You can also receive our latest updates by following us on social media.
  3. All information is posted on our website at, with the most current updates on our services and schedule.

We decided to have church services this upcoming weekend…and here’s how it will work. We want to make sure you know that your church is putting greater focus on prevention and has taken precautions to keep you and the campus as protected as possible:

  • We have implemented more aggressive sanitization measures to clean frequently touched surfaces.
  • We are asking that we limit physical contact to elbow bumps for the next several weeks and attempt to avoid shaking hands and physical contact.
  • Communion with be handled differently this weekend by having communion stations throughout the auditorium.
  • We enforce our existing Kids Sickness Policy: Children should be 24 hours fever-free, have no discolored nasal discharge and no diarrhea.
  • We are staying up-to-date with our city, state and federal guidelines.
  • We want to ask that if you are sick, please stay home.
  • If you are in a high-risk health or age category, do not feel any pressure to attend church this weekend.

If for any reason we decide to not meet corporately on site for weekend services, here are three ways you can stay connected:

  1. You can watch the pre-recorded service on our CCoF Facebook page or go to our Youtube account at ccofnow.
  2. Parents and grandparents can download the The Junction at CCoF app in the Apple app store or Google Play app store for daily children’s devotionals and follow our children’s ministry weekend program on The Junction’s Facebook page.
  3. You can communicate with us at 928-522-0462 or via to get in touch with Pastoral Care or if you need help.

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