I wanted to pass along this note of appreciation I received from the International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES), which is where we send donations that are given to help with national disasters.  In response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we didn’t specifically ask for a special offering – you just gave!  Through your generosity we were able to send IDES almost $7,500!

What generous hearts, to give just because there is a need, without being asked!  Your gifts are a tangible expression of God’s love for others, and are opening doors for others to be able to share about that love.  Read below to see how your gifts are being used, and thank you for your incredible generosity.


Dear Members of Christ’s Church of Flagstaff,

Thank you SO MUCH for the very generous gifts you sent in support of victims of Hurricane Harvey!   We have been very busy (to say the least) in our office here at IDES …  in the last several weeks we have responded to 3 major hurricanes, 1 earthquake, famine in 3 countries, refugees on the run, flood waters in India and various other projects scattered around the globe.  All of this help is only made possible because of generous donors like YOU!

We have been actively participating with 5 partner churches in the greater Houston area where we have been able to supply clean-up and building materials and funds, as well as 3 semi-loads of the storage buildings that we pre-fabricate here in our warehouse in Noblesville, IN.  Our partner churches organize volunteer teams to assemble and give the storage sheds to needy families for storing home goods while they are in the clean-up and restoration process. (If you are interested in viewing them, there are a couple of testimonials on our website (www.ides.org) from recipients of these sheds that are very heart-warming.)  We are now in the process of sending grants to the affected areas for the purpose of restoration of homes and churches and the purchase of replacement appliances.

The recovery effort in Florida is centered around both the Jacksonville and Tampa areas and can be described very much like the information listed above.  We are also currently working closely with our mission partners in Haiti and Puerto Rico where much-needed food and funding for the restoration of homes and churches is being supplied as the needs are made known.

Thank you once again for your hearts of compassion and generosity to those in need around the world – together we are building bridges of friendship and trust from which we care share the Good News of Jesus Christ!

On Behalf of the IDES Staff and Board