You may remember that in early March we filmed a video in each of our worship services affirming our desire for Congress to protect funding aimed at ending slavery worldwide.  These videos were sent to the International Justice Mission (IJM), who delivered them to the Capitol so that our representatives would know their constituents care deeply about this issue.

It’s not often we can affect a congressional vote, but the results of this campaign by IJM were astounding!  Here’s what happened:

IJM’s goal for our first ever digital campaign, Hidden No More, has proven to be successful!  Over 4,000 constituents recorded videos which we sent on March 13 to Congress.  Because of this, 91 members of Congress signed our Dear Colleague Letter asking the Appropriations Committee to protect 2018 funding to end slavery.  On top of this, close to 100 pastors and ministry leaders on the west coast signed the Religious Leader Letter.

The results have been miraculous, and I wanted to share how much it matters to the 40 million men, women and children who are enslaved across the globe.

In short, Congress listened and all funding appropriated for 2018 was untouched.  Despite massive cuts proposed to the White House to the Foreign Aid Budget, you urged Congress and they listened, and now rescue will continue to be made possible.  This is what you did:

  • Funding will continue for the End Modern Day Slavery Initiative, a new global fund to end slavery
  • The Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Office, the heart of the US anti-trafficking efforts globally will remain fully funded
  • The Child Protection Compact Act will be funded and continue to allow the TIP Office to establish “compacts” with countries combatting child trafficking

This is proof that our efforts together do make a difference. And we can’t stop now. Congress is already under renewed pressure to impose massive spending cuts on foreign aid in next year’s budget.

Our next opportunity to make a difference through the International Justice Mission, is to participate in our upcoming Freedom Fast.  Watch for details, then fast for a day and pray, while providing funding for IJM to continue fighting slavery around the globe.